Nothing Between CD Now Available 

Individual songs as well as the entire CD album may now be downloaded off iTunes.  Purchase individual songs at 99 cents each or you can download all 12 songs for only $9.99.  If you don't have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac, click HERE to download the application for free.

If you prefer to order a physical CD or the mp3 format, click HERE.

Where the Music Comes From 

As a deeply spiritual person, Ritchie writes from his heart.  He draws from a wealth of life experiences that have shaped and molded his life—the good and the bad.  His music radiates this life even without the use of lyrics.  All of the blessings he enjoys such—his family, friends, and his music—he attributes to the Judeo-Christian God and his grace.

Ritchie's Music Style 

Ritchie has a very diverse musical background that comes out in his writing style—from Bach to Rock as some might say.  He began his classical training on the piano at the music conservatory when he was 6.  He was accompanying his dad’s chorale groups and playing for his mom on stage by the time he was 8.  He recalls improvising on the piano as a game he and his sister would play—she would place a towel over his hands and challenge him to make something up without looking at the keys. He soon realized the…

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What Is Project 21? 

Project 21 is an event that took place on Facebook just recently—the recording of Ritchie’s most recent album, Nothing Between—from composition to finished master in 21 days!  All 12 songs were written in the first 14 days followed by the editing, mixing and mastering.  Excerpts of each brand new composition were posted on his wall each day for friends to comment on.  Click the music tab to preview some of the tracks.