Concert Pianist-Tuner

A concert pianist who tunes pianos?  Why not?  He was a teenager when a family friend, who also happened to be an accomplished pianist from Los Angeles, borrowed his Chickering grand for a local gig.  Upon returning the piano, to Ritchie's amazement, this artist sat at the piano to tune it!  "How come you know how to tune pianos?" asked Ritchie.  The response he got has stuck with him since—"If the piano is my instrument, shouldn't I know how to tune it?"

At a Glance

Ritchie has performed worldwide, many times tuning his own instrument before a concert.  He also tunes pianos involved in recording projects—a Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand, for example, for a client recording a classical album not too long ago.  He started formal lessons at the conservatory at 6, and began tuning his own piano at 16.  He maintains pianos for schools, churches, concert venues, as well as individual artists.  He tunes pianos as passionately as he plays them.  Being a perfectionist and having a respectable work ethic make him perfect for the job.

Piano Service

  • tuning—he loves the challenge of raising the pitch to A=440
  • regulation—adjusting the action and keys for optimum performance
  • voicing—achieving a fuller tone by reshaping and conditioning hammers
  • restringing—grands and uprights
  • keytop replacement—simulated ivory and sharps
  • installation of dehumidifier—Dampp-Chaser brand


  • instruments: piano, organ, keyboard
  • venues and events: churches, weddings, corporate events
  • specializes in emulating live orchestrations live or in the studio using digital samples


His prices are competitive yet reasonable since he tries to stay below the national average.  He understands today's economy and makes concessions finding ways to make it a win-win for everyone.  For example, to save you money he will suggest a project price instead of charging by the hour, and then put in the work required without watching the clock.  Each job is different and so it is best to contact him for specific pricing by email, text or voicemail.